Gera (G.E.) Nagelhout

Birthdate: 30-01-1985
Room: B1.076


Personal statement:

I have a background in Communication Science and a PhD in Health Promotion. My PhD thesis was on the impact of smoking bans on smokers and I graduated cum laude. Currently, I have published more than 50 international peer-reviewed scientific articles. I work as researcher at Maastricht University for one day a week and as Chief Science Officer at IVO Research Institute for four days a week. My research projects focus on health, wellbeing, and addiction among vulnerable populations. Finally, I am supervising five PhD students on different projects related to smoking cessation, mentoring vulnerable youth, and recovery from drug addiction.


PhD Health Promotion, 2008-2012
Maastricht University

MSc Mass Communication, 2006-2007
University of Twente

BSc Mass Communication, 2003-2006
Radboud University

health communication; public health; behavior change; smoking cessation; nutrition; socioeconomic inequalities

- Health behavior change among people with a low socioeconomic status
- Impact of population-level tobacco control policies on smoking cessation


Health Promotion (Postdoc)
Work for third parties:
Lecturer in Research Methodology at the study program Nutrition and Dietetics of The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Haagse Hogeschool)
Working days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday