Stef (S.P.J.) Kremers

Phone: +31 (0)43 38 82431
Birthdate: 25-07-1975
Room: B 1.096


Personal statement:

I conduct most of my studies in the field of ‘prevention of overweight and obesity’. The focus is on the study of determinants of dietary behaviour and physical activity and on the evaluation of comprehensive interventions regarding these behaviours for different target groups (e.g., children, adolescents, young adults, (pre-) diabetics). My research lines have additionally focused on methodological and theoretical approaches to the study of determinants of energy balance-related behaviours as well as to the evaluation of preventive interventions. I support the efforts of various PhD students on the topics mentioned above, typically applying the Environmental Research framework weight Gain prevention (EnRG; Kremers et al., 2006; Kremers, 2010) as research framework. In addition, I have an advisory role in various national and international obesity-related projects.

Health promotion, determinants, physical activity, diet, theory

Prevention of overweight and obesity


Health Promotion ()
Professor Prevention Obesity
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